Running free and playing happily at Rainbow Bridge
Breeze broke a foreleg when she was 2yrs, and as she couldn't bend her carpel joint, it was feared that it would be the end of any doggy activities for her. But she had different ideas! She was the first Dobe in Britain to gain titles up to FDA. And she won out of starters agility 2002. Unfortunately, she later went on to snap both cruciates which put an end to all activities, but she still liked to come along to the shows.

KC Name:Trueline Waveney
Breed - Doberman
BFA number - 0105D

Fastest Single Leg - 4.90s
Total Flyball Points - 7,400
Highest Award - Flyball Dog Advanced

Retired 2004
14/06/1996 - 09/07/2010