Breed - Working Sheepdog
BFA number - 0440A
Fastest Single Leg (14”) - 3.82s
Average Time (14”) - 4.00s
Total Flyball Points - 35,308
Highest Award - Jade

15/11/1994 - 07/01/2009
Running free and playing happily at Rainbow Bridge
Jack went from a gawky beginner who couldn’t get the hang of coming back over that first jump, to an accomplished flyball dog who probably never put a paw wrong & was a wonderful companion to his owner, June. Within his first year of competing he was repeatedly timed at sub-4s, with his fastest time being 3.82s Upon his passing, June wrote the following poem in his memory:

I know how much I miss you, I feel an emptiness inside.
It shows in everything I do, it’s something I can’t hide.
I simply miss you being there, life seems dull and flat.
Without you nothing’s quite the same, I can’t say more than that.
You were always there when I needed you, devoted, loving and true.
No-one could have wished for anything more than a faithful friend like you.

I’ll always cherish the happy times we spent together, especially the fun times at flyball. I will love you forever, Jack, and I miss you so much. RIP my little Shadow, and Fly High at Rainbow Bridge with all your friends.