Breed - Working Sheepdog
BFA number -
Fastest Single Leg (9”) - 4.47s
Average Time (8”) - 4.80s
Total Flyball Points - 29,730
Highest Award - Platinum

02/02/2000 - 18/09/2014
Molly grew up in the flyball family & began competing in 2002. We fondly remember the day at Knebworth when Chris was in tears when she managed to complete her first ever run in Open!! Every now & then Molly would do a little spin on her way down the lane (usually in the gate!) and then decide not to do the jumps both ways, causing her get the name ‘Molly the Wally’ or ‘One Lane Wonder’ (completing a leg in the blue lane just didn’t seem to make any sense to Molly!). However, Chris persisted with her & she eventually went on to gain her Platinum Award in July 2010.
Running free and playing happily at Rainbow Bridge