Breed - Parson Russell Terrier
BFA number -
Fastest Single Leg (8”) - 5.44s
Average Time (8") - 6.35s
Total Flyball Points - 33,491
Highest Award - Pearl
Went to sleep 11/08/2015
Archie started his flyball career in Aug 2006, and became height dog for the Jelly Atrics in 2008. He was always a fantastic little dog, always reliable, and happy to run anywhere in the team. He gained his Pearl Award in September 2012. Bryan & Marese kindly lent him to us for many a weekend away, when he came camping, and we even had him for a week or so at Anglesey a couple of times. We all loved having him around & he became a 'part timer' in many families of club dogs with all those members who welcomed him when camping, transporting him to shows & running him during his 8 years of racing. Run free at The Bridge Archie .........
Running free and playing happily at Rainbow Bridge