Breed - Jack Russell Terrier
Date of birth - 02/03/2007
BFA number -

Fastest Single Leg (7”) - 8.16s
Current Average Time (7”) - 8.90s
Total Flyball Points - 0
Highest Award - None Yet
Due to no fault of her own Ruby had already had 3 homes before we volunteered to foster her, and she wasn't even 4 years old yet. Her owners had recently separated and their new homes weren't suitable for keeping dogs. Within a few days we knew she wasn't going to find another home as she fitted in so well with my existing pack (quite an achievement since I already had 5 terriers, ALL girls!) and it just seemed so unfair to move her on yet again. Since Ruby was very excited about tennis balls, it seemed a natural choice to see if she would enjoy flyball too. She is loving the sport but is easily distracted so every now and then she does a lap of honour around the ring to say hello to all her new friends! Unfortunately, whilst Ruby LOVES training, the competition environment is just too overwhelming for her so she has now taken up the reins of helping train the new Starters by being a wonderful stooge dog.