Breed - Jack Russell Terrier
Date of birth - 01/07/2014
BFA number - 3999G

Fastest Single Leg (7”) - 0s
Current Average Time (7”) - 0s
Total Flyball Points - 0
Highest Award - None Yet

Topsy joined the family at 6 months old & needed a lot of work on socialisation with people & dogs. She's oh so cute & scruffy with a face that says she can do no wrong but behaviour that says otherwise! Apparently when you do something naughty the way to get out of trouble is to wag your tail until it nearly falls off & lick the person telling you off! She's stubborn, wilful & as naughty as the day is long, but bright as a button & eager to please. In the short amount of time that we've had her she's learned a lot about how to behave from my other dogs & is becoming more relaxed with new people & dogs. Regular obedience classes with basic agility & Flyball training have helped focus her brain & she seems very happy in her new home.