A great venue, and another fantastic show which included a new fastest time for the Bassett Hotdogs which places them at the top of the BFA Open listings for the moment. The weather was fairly kind to us, although it was rather windy at times, with the gazebo in the Starters ring having to be held down and dismantled after trying to take off! Here are the results………
Bassett Jelly Atrics
Division 3 - 5th Place
Katie, Archie, Echo, Meg, Merlin
Bassett Variety Pack
Division 3 - 1st Place
Whisper, Fern, Maisy, Shilo, Cody, Tosh
Bassett Allsorts
Division 6 - 2nd Place
Kelpi, Flint, Alfie, Molly, Spencer, Blue
Bassett Hotdogs
Division 1 - 4th Place
Bob, Rupee, Tess, Lizzy